01.19.07 Valdois Letter

News from Darrel and Barbara, Jan 19, 2008

Dear saints in Hutchinson,
Here we are moving into the third quarter already. We feel like we’re in Alaska or someplace. We got more snow than our students can ever remember having and it is not going away. It’s been pretty cold for Arizona.
Our Christmas was wonderful, spent at Dan and Brynn’s with Arianna and Eric and his family joining us. Our trip both coming and going were great—no bad weather, no car trouble. I had to remind Darrel, when he commented on God’s goodness to us this year, that He was good to us last year to—so good that he took the trouble to teach us yet another lesson in trusting Him and appreciating how He delivers us from troubles. We are like children, however, and prefer the smooth road to the lesson learned in pain. Nevertheless, God is good all the time!
Our children are our delight ever increasing in experiences and number. Eric and Becky are living in South Carolina where he works for Tim Newcome in his landscaping business. On Jan 15 th Becky gave birth to their third child, a boy, named Samuel Eric! We are anxiously awaiting pictures of him and wish we could go see him—maybe at Spring Break. Brynn and Dan are busy nurturing their empire on the old farmstead by Haven. They have four children, a dog, cats, chickens and many plans to tame the wilderness around them. The folks who were living in our trailer have moved out and we’ve decided to not rent it, but keep it as our vacation home. That makes me pretty happy because homemaking is one of my great delights, and having two is just twice the fun. Ahneka is in her second year as a Peace Corp Volunteer in the Republic of Georgia. She is considering what to do next year—go to graduate school or extend her tour in China, or perhaps join her sister, Michaela who is teaching at a university in China under the auspices of a Christian group. Ahneka spent three weeks over Christmas break with Michaela and had a great time. Arianna is a junior at K State majoring in pottery. She is involved in Bible studies with International students with a particular interest in Japan. She plans to finish her degree and perhaps spend some time in Japan later as the Lord leads.
Life here keeps us busy. On a typical day, Darrel rises early and is out to do the morning bus route at about 6 am, I get up about the time he leaves and get ready to go help serve breakfast at 8 am. I teach my two English classes, corral all the elementary students through the library each week, and teach a little art. Kathy Staley and I are teaching a Scrapbooking class once a week to the secondary girls—fun. On Wednesday evenings we have a craft class with ladies from the community—last week we square danced. It was really fun and funny—we have some real clowns around here. A couple of times Esther Yazzie has spent part of the week at our house rather than brave the muddy roads. It’s been good getting to know her better. A couple of days ago one of the Navajo grandmothers brought us a big box of groceries. What a delight to see them sharing with us!
We are so grateful for the prayers and financial help we have received from our loved ones. Please continue as the Lord brings us to mind to pray that our lives would reflect His love and that it would penetrate the hearts of these folks that we encounter daily.
In His Love,
Darrel and Barbara

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